Haefele Easy Storage (Animation)

Was a lot of fun to work on the animation for a product presentation of the Heafele company.
Was a great team!
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Behind the Scenes – Show me your move

Here is an article on my favorite Blender Site – CG Cookie.

If someone would like to know a litte bit more about my short animation clip: “show me your move”.


“Show me your Move”

After a long time and a few projects I could finally work on my own project again.

“Show me your Move”

That was so much fun!

Main tool was Blender 2.78

Rivet by www.CGCookie.com

Thank you Ivan Makvel that I could use your song www.thesleepersrecordz.com

Videolink: https://vimeo.com/221849974

My projects for the new year

2017 finally my new animated short film will be released. More information coming soon.

I am currently working on an animated kid serial for Qatar, but also I have a lot fun with it. Really love the characters.

Story in the upcoming Digital Production

dp1607_036-041_robodancers_druck_online_smallonline-mit-cover_webIn the next edition of the Digital Production magazine, there is a report of how I created my short film “Daily” and also some information about myself J
The magazine will be published on 23rd of October 2016.

Click here for report:

LowRes (PDF link)

HighRes (PDF link)


New character

After a long planing for my new short film, the character is now finally ready.



My first Blender videotraining is now available


“Der eigene 3D-Film mit Blender”

For sure not the last one and next time hopefully in english as well.


Nominations at the Blender Suzanne Award 2015

Really happy that two of my projects were nominated at the Blender Suzanne Awards 2015.

Best Short and Best Animation J

Here are the nominations for the Blender Suzanne Award 2015


My new little 3D short movie „the box“ :)

Just a bit fun before I will start with a bigger project.
Hope you like it!